About us

About Our Company

Getanminers is the pre official website of GET Crypto Miners Co founded in 2017. Initially intended for the sale of Anminers. we had to derail from our main course to suite our customers who said they would love to have more varieties.


Our Team Members

We are a family of tech lovers and we are for evolution. The team constitute of our CEO Mr. Mike Ortega, our general manger in-charge of sales and multiple local store managers. The sales personnel we employ are professionals train in the field of service and crypto nerds.


What we offer

Premium money making appliances and the next generation of technology. You can buy helium miners, innosilicon miners, bobcat miners, hotspot miners, accessories, antminers, goldshell and graphic cards.


Our Latest Projects

Offer the best trading platform for you to use. Mine your crypto by cloud mining. Your crypto will then be deposited in your account with us which you could use to trade and multiply your gain.


Find More About Us

Initially based in the US, getantminers has over the past few years expanded to over 11 different countries and is a large importer and exporter of Cryptocurrency miners in bulk. We supply for 123 stores in the world. With wear houses in America, Europe (Germany, UK & France) & Australia we supply easily in bulk and to particulars. We have over 100 thousand miners shipped per day at home address and store address, package are singles or bulk commands respectively.